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For the banking operation It is important to adapt their processes to respond to internal and external users in shorter times.

Generally there is a tendency to compare research results between different regions. The impact on net interest income makes the results comparative metrics do not necessarily represent the real money market supply and demand in a different context in terms of regulations , customers and culture.
The Latin America region, banks have adapted to use specific applications, not always performed by appropriate advisory team, so It makes no sense to have applications to bring a full range of banking services available in a region, if these applications are not in context and do not provide appropriate solutions, which are not oriented to real customers needs. These solutions usually are sold and forced to be adapted rather than being adopted , thus generating more work, major changes, more cost and more effort , issues which ultimately may also be more frustrating due to longer time invested in its implementation.
Investments oriented to operational improvements based on reducing decision making time, must be supported by best in class teams in the industry, where tolerance to failure must be implemented because it, directly affect banks financial results in different ways (customers, delinquency , operating errors ... finally returns and profitability). How can be defined the profitability of a bank in practical way so it is involve simple process improvements and technological support?  

Must be defined the priorities of a commercial bank, where main clients in Latin American, has specific consumer expectations, culture, and needs which are substantiated on the current environment.
Regulatory impact on the financial margin requires greater analysis, and a management team oriented towards financial efficiency.
How can this point be achieved without technological support? How can we achieve reorienting technology to support to functional experts at work, so they can be proactive and make assertive business decisions? One of the most important aspects for considering these changes is time of response, which is crucial to obtain valuable information that let analysts answer the following questions. Link Banks performance for banking operation

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